Crossing Southern Africa

Crossing Southern Africa

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Dear friends,

I left South Africa, but not after visited Johanesburg and Soweto, a new touristic place if you book a crowd trip in a bus to see the Mandela´s House and the Historics sites of fighting against apartheid. But what can I do without my german princess? I went there alone just to check that gps don´t work in Soweto. Too many fences and too much fear in South Africa. People are scared of people and maybe they are right. For me, in South Africa were too good roads and too many toll gates to pay. Bostwana is real Africa again and people are very friendly. After just one night in Gaborone, I got a big hangover because beer is cheap and locals thirsty as this spanish biker.

I´m now in Grootfontein, Namibia, using a terrible and slow internet conection. I´m trying to keep an elephant into a narrow door. If you look beyond the bike you will see him. He was making big pieces of shit (it´s not a bullshit, it was real elephantshit) beside the road near the Okavango Delta, Bostwana, when we met. I stopped the bike, he didn´t stopped of making shit, but I think now he was a little bit anoyed of the noise in the middle of his task because few seconds later he faced at me. I could have done the picture of my life within an elephant aproaching to the camera, but I prefered to save it (my life, I mean) and run away as fast I was able to do, about 70 kmh because Bostwana Goverment gives goats for free so they are everywhere, especially crossing the roads like fucking hornets with horns.

All the best.

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