Crossing Southern Africa

Crossing Southern Africa

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Dear friends

This is the last mail about the Nairobi Cape Town trip. I am right now at the airport waiting for a flight to London. I am wearing jeans and sport shoes like any other stupid tourist. But I am alone and sad meanwhile they go and come excited because they have lived the fucking African week experience watching animals from their buses.

I have reasons to be blue. The princess is kept in a brick coffin. We have split up after 11,000 km. My heart got broken when I locked the door and I could hear the silent cry of her two cylinders. They are not going to move for a while. “I had to go”, I said. She didn’t say anything. “I told you the truth from the first time. This was going to be just an adventure. You told me that it was Ok and we were going to enjoy it while it lasted”.

But, you all know, that kind of words are always soft lies the short time lovers say just to love what shouldn’t be loved. “You are going back because she is younger”, she whispered from her exhausted. I confessed, “She is younger, but that is not the reason. She is not like you, she is a GS 1200 from 2006, but too much electronic and, even more, she is much fatter than you” Then she smiled, “Is she fat?” I looked at her sweet handle bar and promised. “Ok, honey, I will be back soon, but now I have to ride north, the summer is coming and I want to go near the North Pole. From there I will bring you a piece of ice shining like a diamond.

Now I am the airport like any other stupid tourist, but they are going and coming and I am drinking a beer, smiling and thinking in just one word: Alaska. Will I arrive or not? I am not sure, but you will be the first to know.

Thanks for be there and sorry if I collapsed your connection.

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Henry Thomas said...

Great post! Thanks for keeping us updated as I give you update about travel

henry thomas