Crossing Southern Africa

Crossing Southern Africa

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Dear friends:

Finally, I got a cable clutch in Lusaka. But engine start was totally out of order, so I´ve been pushing the bike every time I wanted to ride it. Fortunately, in Africa there is no lack of people to push. I had a crowded demonstration in each city of border I stopped. No too many problems so far, but in Zimbaue border I had to pay the first bribe. The policeman didn´t want to allow me going in with a Kenyan Bike. “Maybe if you help me, I can help you”, I remember me saying in a dark, dirty and stinky room. “How much is the help you are talking about?”, he asked me with a toothpick in the middle of his big smile. 50 $ later, the bike and me were riding Zimbaue as fast as we could do. About 80 KpH.

Now we are in Pretoria. I´m in a hotel with internet access and drinkable water, and the bike in the BMW dealership. She is an old lady not used to ride for a long way. The former owner kept her for ages and only rode shorts urban trips. She is enjoying now her new life on the dust roads but sometimes she gets hurt. She is like a German princess and needs some sweets tools and good oil for drink. She will be ready by Monday. Then will be heading Mozambique for a while because South Africans roads are too good and here we both are lacking the feel of the adventure. We can get fat and lazy so easily in this country. We´d better go to ride again among donkeys, cows, goats and holes deep as swimming pools.

All the best.

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